Monday, January 15, 2007

Ct and run from Asia

Cut and run-cut and run. That’s what the neo-cons say if you even think about pulling out of Iraq. But what about Korea? That’s right Korea.

But you say, "We've sanctioned North Korea." True, but I'm talking about South Korea. In the book "Shutting out the Sun" by Michael Zielenziger, the author states the "Bush administration has seriously strained relation with South Korea." Also, South Koreans tend to go to the left and as you might imagine, view the Iraq war as wrong.

I believe that if the US loses South Korea, they will have allies like Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. However, if South Korea allies itself with China, which the author explains that they are starting to, or North Korea, or both then the 6-party talks could break down and the US would have a powerful enemy.

People don't really think about Asia but politicians of all parties in Congress or Pres. Candidates should have a plan and answer questions on this topic.

*Note: The South Korean public was given a poll last year and despite the governments, weaponry, and army size of N. Korea and China, they chose Japan as their most powerful enemy.


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