Friday, October 19, 2007

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard-Poland

AM New York newspaper is reporting that in Poland, a candidate for a top position is running ad campaigns against the other candiates schnauzer.

The other candidate is going to the Highest Court in Poland to ask that the candidate be asked to appologize becuase he contests his scnauzer did no such thing.

I kid you not

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Giving the Devil his due: Thanks Sam Brownback.

Thanks Senator Brownback for co-sponsoring the bill that saved Net radio. Proof there are so many issues that divide America, but take away their right to music and news on the internet and you can piss of just about everyone.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Internet Radio Compromise

The online news including the New York Times have said a compromise has been reached in the internet radio scandal. Tomorrow we were supposed to lose all of internet radio but a compromise has been reached after pressure from citizens and Congress people who realize people may not vote for them based on this issue. The rates will go up but not in a way to put the internet radio out of business.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Their Doctors?... Nah... seriously? [England]

I guess the question most Americans are thinking, I'm just saying is going something like this:

The failed terroist attack was so blatantly bad that everybody, news and citizens, has been calling these people dumbasses essentially.

Now the report coming in is that at least three of these people were doctors, the people we generally look upon as up there among the smartest in the world. So what would possess these doctors, who were most likely wealthy, to do this?

Monday, April 30, 2007

Internet Radio

I listen to internet radio alot but lawmakers are afraid that digital radio threatens regular radio. Two lawmakers however, a Republican and a Democrat say thats nonesense. If you listen to internet radio, have a child or grandchild who does, or basically feel that people are entitled to hear radio such as Itunes, please go to, an org site not a .com site where you can learn more about whats going on and what you can do.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pandora's Hatch

From the file of things the U.S. mainstream media will probably never let you know about until it actually comes here, comes the "Baby Hatch."

This blog entry is not taking sides, only explaining what the Baby Hatch is:

The Baby Hatch (the actual coined name) is where parents, often single mothers can place a baby into a hacth at a participating hospital anonomoualy and the baby will be taken care of and put into a foster home. This is done by people who don't feel that they can take care of the baby.

The NHK has reported that this has been taking place in Europe in 6 unnamed nations, and Italy. In Italy last year, someone used a Baby Hatch. Although the hacthes had been in place for at least a year, they were never used. The Italian government has ordered more Baby Hatches as a result, hence the Pandora's Hatch becuase now that the box has been opened it can't close again anytime soon. Japan has started using the Hatches as well and at one hospital a hatch was used and the Gov. declared that to be legal.

Arguments Against: 1. It's abnormal
2. Its irresponsible
3. It makes the Gov. of the nation that uses it look like somewhat of a fool.
4. If the mother or father, who may not know that the Baby was put into the hatch can't claim it later.

Arguments For: 1. It can theoretically save a child's life if the parent would otherwise harm the baby.
2. Nobody wants a baby hatch, their installed out of necessity.
3. It would lead the mother to a potential abortion otherwise (I'm not sure about Europe but in Japan abortion is legal throughout the nation.)

Friday, January 19, 2007

In sports we'd say he "threw him under the bus"

George Bush, like many politicans worldwide is not one to take blame. His newest guy/pal/scapegoat whatever is General Casey.

He used to say that he listens to the generals on the ground but many of the retired generals came out against him. Bush now mentions Casey's name alot. He even said that Gen. Casey wants more troops when Casey said the opposite, But Casey seems to know where his bread is buttered and hasn't ran to any news organizations screaming "he'a a liar, a liar I tell you."

If Bush were still in charge of his baseball team, the announcers would say "wow, he threw that guy under the bus."