Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cue the tension music

Ex-St Louis slugger Mark McGwire is on the upcoming hall of fame ballot.

Everyone in sports will be watching this one: If he gets elected, it will mean people will forvever be inspired to use steroids on all levels of sports, even High school.

If he doesn't get on, the voters will be denying the career of one of the most valuable commodities in Baseball history.

Many at this point specualte he won't be voted in, not on this ballot at least.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday........Again

Well as Black Friday comes, nobody will be surprised what they'll say: "This is the biggest sale day ever. This will break records. Holy crap, this is the big one."

A week later it will be, "Well perhaps we were a little hasty there. Its actually about the same as last year." Last year by the way they said: "This is the biggest sale day ever. This will break records. Holy crap, this is the big one."

Followed a week later by...well you get the idea.

Next year will be the same thing.

Friday, November 10, 2006

We Jews want to control the world, until we don't.

A new report on Haaretz.com, a well respected Israeli newspaper has reported that Jews in various governments on the worldwide scale has reached a new high. As a Jew, myself and many of my fellow Jews want to feel proud of this. Itis the ultimate slap in the face of those that tried to destroy us in many places around the world culminating in the 1930's- '40s.

However, every time Jews gain more power, they seem to lose respect as people around the world, especially in the Middle East say "Whelp, Jews are running the world. This just proves what we feared." The fact that Christianity is still the dominant religion and Jews don't gain the leader-of-the-nation role in any area even though women have who aren't Jewish.

It's hard, I want to be proud and at the same time I need to be prepared for the people who fears the massive Jewish conspiracy.