Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pitbulls in Denver

For people who don't know the story, articles from early January talk about how in Denver, Pitbulls have been declared illegal. "Harboring" one could land the owner in jail for a year and slap them with a fine of $1,000.

On a persoanl note, one of the nicest dogs I know is my family freinds Pitbull and she hates it when Pitbulls get a bad rap. I hope that Denver stops this in the future.

An article


Anonymous 9/11 Survivor (sort of) said...


I am sitting here with Muzzy the brindled mongrel whose temperament is entirely pit -- which is to say loving, spirited and always youthful.

I have a script at a major studio about a dwarf pitbull. His name was Stubby and for awhile he was the most beloved and best known real animal in the world.

You and I know that a dog's instinct is to love: that instinct is often malformed when the dog is abused. When I was a d.a in college, a homeless doberman climbed through my ground floor window, all of four months old and homeless. Though she was half-starved, she as a perfect yellow (well, half yellow) Disney dog who never showed any malice, paranoia or meanness to anyone -- just deep love and endless goodness.

Besides, what pitbull would want Denver? Air's too thin and heads are too thick there.

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