Thursday, June 22, 2006

When fans attack

Now this is coming from someone who has alot of friends who are Red Sox fans and it isn't just about Red Sock fans but all sports and teams and here it goes:

CBS radio reported that little leaguers in Boston had to change their uniforms becuase they were getting heckled by adults when doing things like getting Ice cream and were booed during opening day ceremonies. Why were they booed? Theyre little league team is the Yankees. The Red Sox single A team has chimed in as well. It got so bad that the little league team is considering changing their uniform.

It is hard when adult sports extremes are used against little kids. Its sad for everybody.

Here is one article that breifly mentions it

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How low can you go [Israel]

Israel and the Palastinian led gov of Hamas have a basic no talking to each other policy, and basically like to pretend the other doesn't exist as neither wants to acknowledge the other formally (Israelis still primarily deal with ousted PM Abbas.) So what happens when they need to talk you ask? Well reports that the Palastinians have agreed to let their minor political figures tal to Israeli politicans.

An excerpt:

Several central issues are seen as requiring talks with the PA, either because this is in Israel's interest or in order to address an urgent humanitarian need. These include fighting epidemics (like bird flu), other health care issues (transferring medicine and vaccines, coordinating patients' trips to Israel for treatment), environmental issues (dealing with sewage), security crises (but only life and death situations, such as rescuing Israelis who enter PA territory) and population registration (exchanging data).

Education was also added to the list recently

I think that this is an interesting idea. The two sides need to talk and if they have to sidestep to do it, I think its necessary for both sides.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A whale Tale

Some good news is that the Japanese gov which likes whaling as a business industry was rejected from future whaling. A person I talked to online from Japan, coupled with an online article I read last year where the people interviewed found whale meat disgusting and thought that whaling embarrased their country, show that the Japanese don't seem to particulalry like whaling either. Its good they got rejected. I know from a couple of different sources (see NHK) that the Japanese have scientists who study whales...and than kill them and use them for food but its all science they say. I hope this practice stops too.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup is the hardest team sport

I'm not sure why anybody would want to play in the World Cup. In this nation, people jump on top of each other on the tv to talk about how "boring" it is. In most other countries, if you lose, you bring shame and dishonor upon your country. There are reports every once in awhile of some Nations whose players are "missing" after a match, and nobody seems to find them.

Yes World Cup soccer probably has the most underappreciated players in the to speak.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A poll a day keeps the politicans away

There seems to be new spin. The Repubs can't figure out why the Repub poll numbers are so low, and Clintons so high and the answer: Right wingers use caller ID and never respond. Thats not true, I worked at an accurate polling place for 5 years and we had many die hard Bush fans. That logic doesn't wash. Politicans always debate the usefullness of polls when they're down in them but the truth is they do give an accurate descritpion of how people are feeling at the given time they're taken.

Guilt, thy name is Coulter

It seems like Ann Coulter and her followers are somehow jealous. That Ann Coulter said what she said is sick, but for others to follow her is very sad. Olbermann said that even he didn't think people would support her, but she is being supported by sheep. Some bloggers say things like, "Well they love their new sports cars I'm sure." That is envy on a level I can't begin to understand.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Israel and its self hating residents.

The Right wing an Israel is a curious bunch. They live in Israel but by many standards have a backwards way of thinking. They share the political beliefs of the rightwing here only they go further. Many believe the land belongs to them becuase G-d said so. A recent article in the conservative newspaper Auretz Sheva had a page written explaining how letting women in was evil too. (It says that while they want to have a strong IDF, "We are not ignoring problems such as the army's offensive integration of men and women" Auretz Sheva)

The two of their most famous exploits are the killing of Rabin and the recent killing of civilians in Palastine when they were to be evacuated from disputed territories.

Now, according to there "is a pamplet calling on the settlers (right wing citizens of disputed territories) to attack the IDF.